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BMC Soccer

Spring 2024




285 Hospital Drive

Centreville, AL 35042

League Details:

Registration Opens
February 19,2024

Mission Statement

The mission of BMC Wellness Soccer is to provide an opportunity for local soccer players in Bibb County to reach their highest potential based upon each player’s abilities, goals and motivation. BMC Soccer will achieve this mission by providing:

  • Structured, age and skill appropriate training for players of all ages, gender and ability levels.

  • Volunteer opportunities for parental input and involvement.

  • A balanced team approach - everyone plays.

  • A safe environment that promotes learning and encourages individual and team development.


BMC Soccer offers programs for recreational soccer players ages 3 through 12 with co-ed play.

For more information on each program, please visit the links below.


REGISTRATION OPENS - February 19th, 2024


PRACTICE BEGINS - March 18th, 2024

FIRST GAME - April 13th, 2024

AWARDS DAY - May 18th, 2024





13/14 with enough interest


$90 Registration Fee

  • Sibling discounts are automatically applied

  • $10 off second child

  • $20 off third child (maximum discount)

Ages: all divisions are coed


Bibb County High School Gym

220 Birmingham Road,

Centreville, AL 35042

BMC Wellness Center

285 Hospital Drive, 

Centreville, AL 35042

Schoolyard Play 3-4 years old


Schoolyard is unique program designed to develop players by focusing on improving a child's Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) in a fun, parent participatory atmosphere utilizing age appropriate activities. It was designed to give your child a foundation for sports success. Your player will hop, skip, jump, run, throw, balance, kick...and PLAY! This program is heavy on motor skills development and light on competitive soccer. Let your little one learn the beautiful game the right way.

League Information


Text Updates

Text "Soccer" to 205-894-7644



  • Soccer Ball – Size 3 or 4

  • Shin Guards

  • Soccer Socks (1 pair provided)

  • Soccer Cleats

  • Shorts (1 pair provided)

  • Older players will be provided 1 reversible soccer jerseys to wear for games that must be turned in at the end of the season or pay a $40 fine

  • Parents may want to bring lawn chairs or blankets to sessions for seating


Game Days

Saturday - April 13th
Saturday - April 20th
Saturday - April 27th
Saturday - May 4th
Saturday - May 11th
Saturday - May 18th



6 week season

Games on Saturday mornings 

1 - 2 practices per week



Coaches are needed for all age groups

Coach Meeting: March 11th at BMC Wellness Center

Untitled design (11).png


For many kids, U6 soccer is the start of their involvement in the game. As coaches, our job is to help them enjoy these early experiences and encourage them to fall in love with playing soccer. U6 soccer is a time for kids to develop the basics. We should give each of our players as much time on the ball as possible, enabling them to be creative, experiment, and gain confidence in possession. We want our players to become familiar with the ball at their feet and to build a connection with it.

Untitled design (12).png


New and exciting adventures begin to open up to the U-8 players as their coordination improves and their size and strength increase. Players must all play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time. Developing soccer skills, physical attributes, tactical awareness and knowledge of the game are critical to promoting self-efficacy and increasing self-esteem in players. Thus, they perform at a higher level, avoid injury, see the results of their hard work and achievement and most importantly, have fun.

Untitled design (13).png


A this age players have more than likely developed a love for the game and are ready to learn new skills. Goalkeeping is introduced in 10U further developing their physical and technical abilities. 

4 VS 4 Game Play
Size 3 Ball
4 x 6 Goals

4 vs 4.pdf

4 VS 4 Game Play
Size 3 Ball
6 x 12 Goals

4 vs 4.pdf

6 VS 6 Game Play
Size 4 Ball
7 x 21 Goals

6 vs 6.pdf

We reserve the right to adjust play format based on registration numbers

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