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Personal Training

Robin Birchfield - Certified Personal Trainer

Robin teaches our full body strength classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She also is certified in Advanced Application of Assisted Stretching Techniques and provides stretch sessions on Thursdays in our Wellness Clinic onsite at BMC Wellness. When she is not at the gym, she is also working at BMC as a Nurse Practitioner at Bibb Medical Associates. 

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Make the change today!

Looking to make a change but don't know how to start? Book a session with Robin to discuss your health and wellness goals. Personal training is so much more than just physical fitness to Robin. She has a passion for helping people feel like their best selves and sees the value in nutrition and can help you with meal planning. 

Get Started

No sure where to start? Book 1 session with full assessment.


Members: $25

Nonmembers: $30


Not sure how much time you have to commit yet? Start here with 6 sessions. 


Members: $100

Nonmembers: $125

Let's Go

Ready to make a change? Here is a great place to start! 12 sessions to schedule as you wish.


Members: $200

Nonmembers: $225

All In

If you know you're ready to go all in book the 24 session package now!


Members: $375

Nonmembers: $400


Find out more 205.926.3360

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