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All proceeds benefitting Bibb County High School Basketball

3-on-3 March Madness Basketball Tournament


    • Team roster minimum is 3 players; maximum is 4 players per team.

    • All players must wear non-marking athletic- type shoes. No black soles or street-worn shoes. (i.e., dirty-soled shoes, bare feet, socks, flip-flops, street shoes, slippers, crocs, boots, sandals, etc.).

    • All players must wear the same color shirts to be easily identified. 

    • The leagues will be Co-Rec, Men's and Women's.

    • Players may play on only one team. Games will be playing at the same time so it would be impossible.

    • Current Varsity or Junior Varsity basketball players are not eligible for play.

    • All players must be 19 or older and bring proof of identification to the registration table on the day of tournament to check in.

    • No alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs permitted. Spectators and participants found in violation will be removed from the event.

    • Games will be officiated by Bibb County Basketball Booster Club and Volunteer Staff.

    • BC Basketball players will keep score and foul count.

    • There will be 2 tournament champions( pending registration numbers to allow for 2 age divisions). Division in consideration:

      • 19-30 and 30+


    • All games will be 15 minutes long. Double elimination.

    • All shots regardless of location will count for 2 points.

    • If the game is tied at the end of the 15 min. period, it will go to a sudden death free throw shootout.

    • Teams will shoot from behind the 3-point arc to determine who starts with possession of the ball.

    • Once a basket is made, the defensive team takes possession. (Alternate possession) 

    • After each made basket or change of possession, the ball must be taken back behind the 3-point arc before a shot can be attempted. If a team scores a basket without taking the ball back, the basket will be disallowed and the offending team will lose possession.

    • After a basket, out- of- bounds, violation, or foul, the offense must “check” the ball with their opponent before play resumes and the ball must be passed to start play. There are no free throws.

    • Players must call fouls and violations as necessary to keep the game under control.

    • All held-balls are awarded to the defense first then they alternate for example on a jump ball or trying to stall to conserve time.

    • Substitutions may be made at any time that play is stopped.

    • Foul on shot results in check ball. 

    • No timeouts.

    • There will only be free throws for technical fouls.

    • If a player receives 3 fouls, they will be removed from the game (fouled out). They may return for the following game.

    • The Bibb County Basketball Boosters and Volunteer Staff are the only administrators for the games. They will call fouls or violations as necessary. If a Staff member calls an excessive contact intentional foul or a technical foul, the penalty will be one free throw for the offended team, and the ball will be awarded to the offended team.

    • The Staff may remove a player from a contest without warning if the player is behaving inappropriately (cussing, excessive fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct). The player will be removed from the tournament completely. All decisions made are final.

    • Game time is forfeit time.

    • After a game, the winning team must report results to the officiating table and check the schedule for the time of their next game.

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